Voice Broadcasting

Manage your calls and messages to reach your thousands of customers on one click through voice and SMS broadcasting software.


A Powerful Voice Broadcasting software (Stay Touch with Customers)

CozTel Voice Broadcasting Software, broadcasts your calls and messages to hundreds and thousands of your customers at the same time. We designed it to make outbound calls. The speed of the campaign can be vary in times. It will not burdens your agents. It allows the customers to listen the pre-recorded messages and then press keys on key pad for further process. Through it you can send important messages, promotions and updates to customers or employees.

Features For Voice Broadcasting

  • Transfer calls to right agents
  • Control your call costs
  • Personalize each message
  • Make groups of your customers
  • Analyze the progress of your campaign
  • Multi-languages use for the customers of all nations
  • DNC (do not call) list
  • Flexible pricing
  • Time management
  • Integrate with the software application
  • Credit Card and PayPal
  • Auto re-dial
  • Measurability
  • Responsive Design

HOW YOU WILL GET Benefit of it

Save Time

Voice broadcasting software can manage your business to spread in a short time. You will be able to get connected with a lot of people in a short time through one call or one SMS. It offers to customize a call or message to an individual or too many people at the same time. You can manage it according to your need.


To call your customers might be costly and let you face financial problem in your business. But voice broadcasting software will prove cheaper beyond your expectations. It’s more effective software which saves both your time and money.

Political Group

Political groups can get benefit greatly through this software. They have to communicate with a large number of people in a short time. They can get messages or record their own messages in their own voice. In this way they can connect with a huge amount of people without the wastage of time. And their message can convey to their required people.


It is not only based on calls to convey but also in SMS form. Calls can be delivered to people and let them choose the option of their choice by pressing keys on key pad. Similarly SMS also convey to them and give them options to select specific way to make their needs to be fulfill.

Different Cultures and Languages

Through voice broadcasting software you can communicate to different cultures and languages at the same time. By its multi-lingual feature, you can communicate with the people of different cultures in their local language to let them feel comfortable.

Text To Speech

Typing of text make you to get speech of it. This software let you to type text in the answer of the questions of the customer. And this will change into speech. You write the words and the software will give voice to your written words.


The utilization of voice broadcasting software is additionally found in the region of passing on basic messages between the customer and the client and the other way around catching vital messages that can be sent to the operator to enhance the client experience.


Consistency of voice, tone and message is significant to any brand. This is essentially not achievable with manual calls. Voice communicate offers finish consistency of your image, so you can rest guaranteed every last client is getting a similar data.


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