Top Time Management Tips for Telemarketing Call Center

Posted By: admin | 6-Apr-2018 | call center, Telemarketing

Effective time management is a success factor for telemarketing call center. While the emphasis on quality customer services and time management is increased, call center managers are encouraged to give careful consideration to time and then set up the approaches to use the available time to provide quality customer services – for instance, they need to set priorities for the actions as well. To tell the truth, whatever the objective is, it’s difficult to overlook time. A specialist call center supervisor will realize that either wasting time on the bigger calls may result in longer calls queue; lack of time management and you will get in trouble!

Alongside the other issues, the main problem seen in the contact centers is time management. We’ve discovered that some time management tips changes can hugely affect the operations of your call center. Here is a couple of these:

Time management tips for contact center- you must never ignore!

Setting Priorities Are Great To Start With!

An amazing thought expressed by William Pen at “Time is what we want most, but we use worst”.

It’s a simple fact, that meeting deliverable and achieving objectives is a rule in every job. However, that seals the decision, that which is most important or urgent goal? A lot of help desk call centers are struggling to gain market value; however, it’s not all about hiring the best employees, it about how they are utilizing their time in the call center!

Fixing Time Management with Priorities Tips

Smart supervisors distinct between the tasks and setting priorities for them.

As a coach, make a list of most urgent, urgent and non-urgent tasks and share it with your team.

Make it clear to your team, which of the task is most critical and must be done on instantly whiles the others which can be done later!

Ask; if they are clear about it!

Plan Or To-Do-List Is Better?

Once you have developed the priorities, it is high time to plan and how to achieve the telemarketing call center goals? Plans and to-do-list may differ for the inbound call centers or for outbound telemarketing services. If you are a coach or call center manager, can you differentiate between the plan and to-do-list?

A clear plan can be adopted by any of the team member or as a whole to achieve the objectives in the long run, of course in the specific time period. While with the to-do-list, you have a full form of plan available setting goals for yourself and how to carry them out!

Fixing Time Management with Plans

Do prepare the plans and task list for the day or for the week!

You may need to make often changes in the plan; a therefore online form of plan is better. Task list template can help!

There isn’t any time available in the mid of shift, therefore balance the plans at the start or end of the day!

Handling Peak Times Efficiently

Hiring for telemarketing call center requires certain skills to look for in the candidates, but even if you are good at them and able to get the best agents, handling peak times is always a difficulty! This is because, with a lot of call pressures and long call queues, your agents may feel stress and unable to respond properly!

Are you able to provide quality customer services during the peak hours? Or you often get negative feedback or losing customers? As a call center manager, you are aware of your best team members and their weak areas. Use the best of yours during this time!

Fixing Time Problem during Peak Times

Look out if you have a sufficient number of call center agents to deal with the call pressure volume during peak hours.

Keep your agents motivated with timely rewards and appreciation!

How about introducing incentives and rewards on the basis of customer’s dealings during the peak hours!

Are Your Representatives Aware Of The Right Use Of Call Center Software?

Not only the largest telemarketing contact centers but the smaller ones do have migrated to call center cloud software in recent years. They are crucial for success and smooth operations of the call center, due to their ease of use and the benefits it guarantees to the call center agents and managers!

If you have shifted to best Cloud based call center software, it is equally important that your representatives are aware of the right use of the software as well. Maintaining the customer database or getting a call on hold, all of the operations can be accomplished in seconds with the smart use of technology.

Fixing Time Management with Call Center Cloud Software

VOIP is the top choice among other cloud-based solutions for contact centers. Either you are building company plans or motivating your employees, it is a smart choice!

Train your call center representatives. Tell them about the use of software and the benefits.

Ask for the top time issues your agents are facing and guide them about fixing them with software!

Keep Your Agents Motivated With Breaks

Managers should realize that agents who are happy and stress-free can perform better and result in better customer services. A stressed out or under pressure agent may result in high agent turnover or low productivity in the call center.

As a manager, keep a close watch on the time management practices of the team but to ensure, they are getting frequent breaks and time for other activities. A highly motivated and happy agent will result in more returned clients to your call center.

Fixing Agent’s Motivation Issue

Improve the break schedules. Look out closely for the times, when your agents start feeling low!

Incentives are another great way to keep the agents motivational level high.

Vacations and breaks are additionally helpful.

With top time management practices for telemarketing call center, you will not only be satisfied with the customer services, in fact, you enhance your personal satisfaction as well. Yet, how would you get back your team on track, if you don’t have an idea about the time management practices in a call center? To begin with pick any of the above tips to get started. , in basic words start implementing a technique and see how it works for your call center! in case, you need another option go with it!


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