Let us make your survey business do work in cool, modern and cost-effective way with CozTel.


Outflank way to get survey

Every business needs survey about its products and assurance of their customer towards the products. They can be checked in several ways but these methods might be too expensive. With CozTel you can get outflanking features to collect your surveys in easy, time saving and cheap method.

Survey customers’ satisfaction

Through our software you can send questioner through messages and may make recorded calls to thousands of customers by just one click. And they can give you feedback by clicking one number on keypad. It’s easy, cheap and time saving way of survey.

Be relax about the customers of different languages

For the survey of the products of big multinational companies you have to face the problem of language. Because you have to communicate with the people of different cultures with different languages. CozTel is going to give you a fabulous feature of multi-languages. By which you can communicate with the people of different languages in their verbal dialect to increase the feedback of survey.

Recording for the statistical overview

Record your calls to check and calculate the accurate statistical figures about your survey through the use of CozTel software. It can make you easy to have an exact value of your sales and productivity.


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