Small and Medium

We have solutions to your problems towards small and medium business of health care, newspapers, event notifications etc


Simple solution to Complicated Problems

No doubt, small and medium size business have to face bigger problems than large enterprise business. But now there is no need to worry about it because we are here to solve your all complicated problems in a simple way. CozTel software is here to give you an easy hand to solve your all problems walking around telecommunications, sales and marketing.

Area does not matter

Agents can work through our software at any time from any place. They have to connect with their smart phone and can do their work from any place of the world.

Connection of manager and staff

It is obvious that small and medium size business enterprise have small number of employees. But for the manager it is difficult and time taking to check their agents. Through our software it is possible that the manager can supervise the agents by sitting in his room and also send them instructions.

Make groups of your agents

Small industries have less employees and they have to manage deals with a large number of customers. Our software let them to make groups of customers. In this way they have an idea of the qualities and requirements of customer and the relevant agent pick their call and guide them in an ease.

Remaining Consistent

Consistency of voice, tone and message is significant to any brand. This is essentially not achievable with manual calls. So through CozTel you can communicate with your customer in constant fresh voice which affect your business in a positive way.

Increase your business

Let us suppose your agent is not available and you have to broadcast the message of your product to all your customers. No need to get worry about it with CozTel you can send all the promotion messages in one click to all of your customers.

“CozTel gives you reliable way to solve your problems of small and medium size business.”

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