SIP Technology, Clicking the New World

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SIP Technology is a software which protocols the VoIP communications allowing its users to do voice and video calls through all over the world. Frequently, it works for free. One can make both, simple one to one call and multi-media conversation calls. It can be utilized to control Internet multimedia conferences, Internet phone calls and multimedia appropriation, in both the center and the borderline of the communications network.

To address the necessities of career grade stuff makers for SIP convention software with high unwavering quality, execution and versatility. SIP includes the following features.


Handle an enlarge range of media technology:

SIP offers are used to create sessions and carry session descriptions that allow participants to agree on a set of compatible media types. In this way, SIP is not restricted to any particular media type, and can therefore handle the expanding range of media technologies.

SIP is not restricted to any particular media type, and can therefore handle the expanding range of media technologies.

Enables user mobility:

SIP empowers client versatility through an instrument that permits solicitations to be peroxide or diverted to the client’s present area. Clients can enroll their present area with their home server.

Supports end-to-end and hop-to-hop authentication:

SIP underpins end-to-end and bounce by-jump confirmation, and in addition end-to-end encryption utilizing S/MIME.

Communicate the multicast or unicast relations:

Individuals in a SIP session can convey utilizing multicast or unicast relations, or a blend of these. What’s more, SIP is autonomous of the lower-layer transport convention, which permits it to exploit new transport conventions.

Protocols new transport:

Programming actualizing the essential SIP convention can be reached out with extra capacities and is effectively being misused for some media applications.

Open SIPS is an Open Source SIP server for voice, video, IM, nearness and whatever other SIP expansions.

Open SIPS is a multi-useful, multi-reason flagging SIP server utilized via bearers, telecoms or ITSPs for arrangements like Class4/5 Residential Platforms, Trouncing/Wholesale, Enterprise/Virtual PBX Solutions, Session Border Controllers, Application Servers, Front-End Load Balancers, IMS Platforms, Call Centers, and numerous others – see the full Set of Features.

Open SIPS is suggested for any sort of SIP benefit by:

  • The high throughput – a huge number of CPS, a huge number of simultaneous calls.
  • The adaptability of steering and joining – directing script for actualizing custom steering rationales, a few interfacing APIs.
  • The compelling application building – more than 120 modules to give highlights, for SIP taking care of, for backend operations, for joining, for directing rationales.



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