Reporting and Analytics

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Reporting and analytics A comprehensive way to monitor

Reporting and analytics is comprehensive way to monitor the service level offered by the customer service representatives, either they are being successful to obtain their target or there are some miscellaneous points that become hurdle to achieve the goals and to offer better customer service. Coztel reporting and analytics tools gives you the finest way to monitor the service your representatives offers to your customers in statistical and graphical manner.

With coztel, executives have the power to monitor the daily task reports, productivity reports of agents, performance metrics and get real time statistical and graphical reports to analyze the key performance indicators of business.

Customer service is the better way to convince and make loyal and satisfied customers. With Coztel hosted software, executives and agents will get full reports of their daily tasks, productivity reports, daily calls report, and level of customer satisfaction through Admin panel, Agent panel and Agent status board to analyze the service level through numeric, graphics and stats.

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