Preview Dialer

Less complexity and authenticate information with Preview Dialer Software


Appropriate Conversation with Preview Dialer Software

With Coztel Preview Dialer Software, agents have full control over the dialing, both whose number is being dialed and who’s being delayed. Information about clients who’s being connected helps agents to make appropriate conversation and enhance the chances for more improved interaction and the essential element to provide substantial service and to increase the chances of sales.

Essential Leveraging of Preview Dialer

Lead Preview Popup

Agents get more appropriate chances to make better conversations as they already know the client’s primary information which helps to make conversation comfort. After ending the call, lead preview popup help agents to select the next number to be dialed from the lead.

Effective Communication

Every communication become an effective, as agent’s already know the client’s necessary information who is connected with live conversation and create a mindset plan, how to deal with them and offer the services.

Less Complexity, More Sales

Agents spend their time either to make sales and conversations or to dial manually, with preview dialer all of your agents get more time to make live conversation and have the authority to prioritize the dialing number with respect to information and preview dialer connected with live calls to make more appropriate conversations to enhance the sales graphs.


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