Predictive Dialer

Max-efficient Hosted Predictive dialer software for better engagement and best outbound connectivity



What is Coztel Hosted predictive dialer software

Have your agent ever found difficulty to maximize his productivity or efficiency and faced downtime to connect with other end users? If yes, then all you need is Hosted Predictive dialer software, which examines the customer’s availability, cut the busy dial tone, connect with live persons and by using hosted dialer, every agent will be your best agent to produce maximum sales for your business. If all of these are your essential requirements than all you need is Coztel Hosted dialer software, which in enough efficient to connect with live users, your agents will experience the HD calling and clear communication will provide your agents a chance to pitch the sales graphs.


Features of Coztel Predictive Dialer Software

Features for
Call Center Executives

  • Start campaign with IVR without monitored by live agent
  • Web based administration
  • Real time Agent’s reporting
  • Control over recordings
  • Automated calls distribution
  • Multiple lead list
  • Agent restrictions
  • Check into conversations

Features for
Call Center Industry

  • Broadcast with pre-recorded messages
  • Admin and Agent web page in Multilingual languages
  • Local number display for more convenience conversation
  • Automated calls distributions queues
  • Agents Remote access from anywhere
  • Time zone restriction
  • Do not call activations to get rid from future mishaps
  • Multiple campaign at same time
  • 3rd party conferencing
  • Internal chat for better coordination

Features for
Call Center Agent

  • Web and script display screen
  • Auto-dial campaign option
  • Missed and Drop calls to voicemails
  • Easy to transfer calls from one department to another
  • Custom web page
  • Music on hold for customers
  • Easy to customize caller’s information
  • Queue prioritization for calling
  • Schedule call back to customers
  • Agent status bar for best productivity

Stand Aside From The Crowd

Fast for Outbound Calling

Predictive dialer software is fast for outbound connectivity, as it counts down the call duration time of agents, and start dialing, before the call ended and dial multiple numbers from the lead, when he predicts the availability of agents, he transfer the live calls to live agents.

Reliable Support Service

Our service is reliable and supportive, as our highly qualified support team always ready to make something new, and difficult to serve business’ customers best, and available 24 hours in a single day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year.

Productive for ROI

Every business demand for productivity to get return on investment (ROI), and the key point to get the success and something to achieve is: to get back in minimal time duration. Our software is productive as it connected agents with the live calls and have more open chances to create a sale.

Effective for Management

Coztel predictive dialer software is effective for management, as it is integrated with CRM where agents easily add or change customer’s information and time to schedule call back that saves the management to organize the customer’s information, to make business strategies and future goals.

Flexible Deployment

Cloud predictive dialer is easy to adopt, flexible for deployment and effective to increase the scalability in peak time and decrease the scalability when it will need without investing on physical infrastructure.

Reliable for the people of every cultures

People of different cultures have different languages. Being a customer service representative you have to connect with all the people of different cultures. For this predictive dialer will prove good enough to connect with the people of different languages with its feature of multi-language.


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