Power Dialer

Eradicate Manual Dialing, More Talk Time, with Coztel Power Dialer Software


GET CONNECTED WITH Super Charger Power Dialer Software

Actually, an agent with manual dialing spend his 80% of time in dialing and 20% to get connected with live calls, our Power Dialer software solution will reverse the situation. Agents get more than 80% of talk time and less than 20% to wait time. More live calls mean, more conversations, and more chances to increase the sales. With super charged Coztel Power dialer software, you agents will examine the web based script display to already know, who is talking to other end, easy to transfer the live calls and voicemails to dropped calls will lavish your sales graphs.

HOW COZTEL POWER DIALER Diminish Manual Dialing!

Power dialer is an auto dialer with multiple dialing capacity at once until live users not been connected. When agents show their availability then, power dialer software start his dialing and eradicate the busy tone, detect the voice machine and record automatically product message to answering machine to save your agent’s worth time. Cloud solution is also provides full detail reports on call volume as well as individual call recording in order to monitor particular calls.

Eradicate Manual Dialing

Manual dialing is more than dialing by pressing buttons, when some of your agents face busy tone, answering machine and invalid numbers then it becomes the woes of less sales pitch and low sales graphs. Power dialer eradicate the manual dialing, and busy tone just connect the live callers without manual dialing and agents get more time for talk.

Easily Scalable and Affordable for Business

Cloud best ever feature is, easy to scalable when demand would be on peak and easy to decrease when it not needed for more, affordable for all type of business as it minimize the cost of infrastructure and physical systems.

Less Effort and More Sales

Agents have not enough time to dial manually and then connect with live callers and then explain the brand message. Our power dialer helps your agents to just authenticate themselves available and then our dialer will connect only live calls to your agents for making more effective and effortless conversation and more efficient sales.


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