Smart cloud contact center selectivity, Diminish your Infrastructural complexity


The COZTEL With Complete Cloud Call Center Solution

Let’s starts your SMART journey with the SMART Selection, Solution your customers demand for and the quality which is irresistible, customer service which runs seamlessly and dedicate the cloud service experience to business’ customers that remains long and worth repeating.

Cloud software is less complex, more cost-effective, productive for your representatives, efficient for sales and secure to cut your woes with cloud contact center software.

Start Journey With COZTEL In Just 3 Steps

Confirm Your Setup Plan

To start a new sophisticated and seamless journey with Coztel—irresistible in quality of sevice, you just need to confirm your setup plan over website or given number and select your setup plan for your business, “just pay for your selected package”.

Confirm Your Setup Plan

Configuration and installation of software

After select your package plan, configure your URL link with Coztel cloud call center software and install the software in your system and now your business is almost ready to walk in the way to serve customers.

Configuration and installation of software

Make and receive calls

Configuration and installation is the final step and when you cross this part (configure Coztel software with your system and URL) the only one single step you far away from offering service and do your first sale is: add agents to your business, train them about what services and solutions you are provide to your customers, make calls for outbound and receive calls for inbound service.

Make and receive calls

Get biggest chances with the Small Selection Of Coztel

Coztel contact center software comprehensively minimizes the woes of infrastructure cost, physical servers, maintenance expense and premise based systems. Cloud software maximizes the productivity of business, efficiency of agents; expand the sales graph and all your business need is operating systems, configuration with our software, headsets and high speed of internet connection to offer service to customers.


Give affordability to your business

Coztel cloud software is levering for all type of businesses and especially for call centers, as it declared “just pay as you go” and pay for what you use, what features and services you used foryour business center and give affordability to your business by select something you want more than you need.

Your startup and setup

Your startup and setup,easy to done all

As coztel offers cloud solutions to the world which needs easy to setup new business and start without waiting long. Coztel software is cloud system which never takes time long to setup “just pay for the service and as you go to serve your customers seamlessly” your startup and business setup—all done!

cust your cost and efficient

Cut your cost and efficient your conversation

Our software is simply cloud system, to start your call center business and setup, all your business and agents need are computer systems, configuration and software installation with high speed internet connection to offer best and irresistible quality of services to customers by selecting the Coztel Cloud solution software cut your cost and make your conversation efficient.

extremely reliable and secure

Extremely reliable and secure from hinders

Cloud call center software is secure from hinders and mitigate the risks to steal the worth documents and information of your customers, as our system need authentication with specific IP-address, username and password to log into the interface. This security system makes your worth data safe and secure from future mishaps so, your business can rely on world best cloud security systems.


Experience New era’s Cloud Based Call Center Software

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