Mind-blowing Facts & Myths about call center outsourcing

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Numerous organizations small or big, these days, are opting for call center outsourcing. Truth be told, this is the most recent in this decade and has actually got the popularity in recent years. There are various reasons behind his including, higher management costs and higher customer expectations. Contact centers are utilizing such focuses as a stage to collaborate with their clients round the clock and at affordable costs. Organizations particularly stuck around in making available all the management equipment and inventory, rather than focusing on the core business area resulting in big troubles!

As a matter of fact, call center outsourcing trend is now popular worldwide. That is reasonable. There’s a considerable measure in question for example, how are they beneficial? What are the drawbacks of outsourcing? Outsourcing handles a wide range of client administrations issues, from your calls to multimedia channels.

Here come top myths & facts about call center outsourcing:

Myth: call center services providers aren’t as responsive as we are!

There are additional misconceptions regarding it. These include:

They are unable to handle call pressures.

Compromise over service, especially during the holiday season!

Fact: considering the fact, that a great rise in a number of calls is common in the holiday season. These spikes lead call center agents under pressure and they are unable to carry out their duty efficiently.

The fact is completely opposite than the myth. This is because these problems occur in the in-house call center, however, once it is outsourced, you can leave the worry to experts. top 10 bpo companies and the rest have specialists in their team, having an eagle eye over the quality of services. Moreover, to handle additional pressure, more agents are hired full time or part time during the holiday season!

Myth: our business is different from rest. Call center outsourcing will be a disaster!

Going into the details, the other myths include:

It is a tough job to understand our business, and outsourcing will be a failure!

Too complex job for agents to fully expertise in the area, we are operating!

Fact: do you know? Every business is different from others a minor part of it or the major part. When outsourcing your business call center, the outsourcing companies usually don’t start their job instantly. In fact, they go through each minor and major area of your business and train their agents in the right direction, before letting them deal with your clients.

It is simply for that reason that all types of organizations are going to outsourcing. Either it’s about products of daily use or about the technical areas, the agents in the service BPO companies perform better than in-house agents.

Myth: we have a tight budget; outsourcing will lead us to trouble!

Inbound vs outbound call center costs has always been a trouble for the organizations. The other myths coming in the same category include:

In case I outsource, my costs will be on the rise!

They will charge me for additional services and for updates!

Fact: controlling the management costs has always been complicated for the contact center. while the aim of the in-house call center is to provide services to the clients without resulting in additional costs. The fact is completely opposite. Establishment and varying costs is a trouble and the only available solution for it is outsourcing.

Call center outsourcing is getting trendy as businesses are able to secure down the quality of services for their clients in the controlled costs. Outsourcing companies are charging a fixed amount and normally the updates are automatic without any additional cost. In case you need additional services, you can ask for them in a small bit of price.

Myth: culture shock is common, as outsourcing companies have agents which may not be able to communicate perfectly with my clients!

For more clarity, check out these delusions as well:

I may have to lose clients as they will not be able to understand properly!

I need agents with a specialty in any other language, is this possible?

Fact: true to an extent, this problem is common in a situation of outsourcing. In all honesty, it usually arises, when a company doesn’t properly carry out research before outsourcing. call center software solutions are expert in all areas including this one!

In case, a business requires specialists in any other language, these service providers will hire them. they do train their agents and keep them updated with latest communication style so that there is no communication barrier between them and your clients. You can even talk to them and you would fail to identify their origin and region, as they are perfect in their job.

Myth: they aren’t flexible enough to meet my business needs!

This myth is on rising with additional ones including:

If I have a plan for expanding the business as well as a call center, are they ready for the change?

I am introducing a new product on the market, how would they help?

I am expanding my business to international markets, how will they respond and help?

Fact: since the call center outsourcing was introduced; the system has always been a most flexible one. As compare to the in-house call center, where establishing a call center in the new region is a hard job, this is not the matter with call center outsourcing companies.

Unlike any other form of business, the BPO companies have best agents with specialties in different areas and languages. While introducing a new product in the new region, it is not easy to set up a new call center, however with outsourcing; it is no longer a problem.

Outsourcing is a solution, not a trouble!

Organizations outsource either in the same region or outside!. The general concept of outsourcing is handling your organization tasks to an expert outside in fixed costs. For instance, the reality remains that outsourcing brings various benefits to the call center. All things considered, outsourcing just means getting more experts on board to deal with your clients and letting you become expert in the area in which you are already better.


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