Hosted PBX

A Hosted PBX service that gives you all solutions of telemarketing in a low price.


Hosted PBX Supper Calling System

A telephonic system which distributes and allows calls to the agents. For a call center you have to buy many telephones and wires and many accessories. It waists a lot of time and money. Why not you think about the saving of money and time. Yes! It is possible by having a CozTel Hosted PBX System. It’s a phone service which you have to install in your laptop, iPhone, smart-phone etc. And easily use it without wastage of money and time. With Hosted PBX you can get best features in less price.

Features of Coztel Hosted PBX System

  • Super-admin group to enable easy database access
  • Recording for the attendant
  • Listen to an active call from another extension
  • Block inbound calls by the caller id
  • Select many numbers to play recorded calls
  • Record the details of the call and the caller
  • Forward to any other number
  • Monitor calls by admin
  • Manage the queues of calls to answer in order
  • Transfer call into internal or external call
  • A beep differentiate between a call on process and a call on waiting
  • Set voice calls and video calls
  • Admin configures the system in the web interface
  • Direct calls to voicemails
  • Local Caller id

Beneficial in which ways

Less Expensive

CozTel Hosted PBX System is much less expensive than a traditional system of calling. There is no need to buy expensive hardware for calling and their accessories and their instalments. For Hosted PBX System you have to pay monthly rent and enjoy all the great features to make calls.

No geographical bounding

No matter, you are in your office or anywhere else in the globe. You can connect to your office with Hosted PBX System installed in your smart-phone.

Supper easy to use

You do not need to waste too much time in the training of your agents. The only thing you need is to handle the calls and remaining work is of Hosted PBX System.

Free of cost installation

You can install it without paying any fee. You only need to install and it will be ready to use.

A huge number of users

No matter, you have a huge number of agents. If you have our service you can use it for countless people to work.

Choice is yours

Choice is yours that you want to have your previous number for Hosted PBX or a new one. If you want to continue with your old number. We will set Hosted PBX system on your phone. And if you prefer a new number, we will give you new number.


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