Health Care

CozTel helps health care department in patients post check-out surveys, doctors’ appointment in inbound, outbound and emailing.


Coztel Helping hand for Health care

The major issue of the health care center is that their budget disturbs, lack of patients’ balance and increase in the cost of their deals in medicine. Now you can face these challenges in a cost effective and efficiently. CozTel can help you do only that by giving a full suite of automatic warning administrations and call center innovation all in a lonely hosted cloud environment.

Customize appointments

The major issue in giving appointment of a doctor, they may be missed or no show. CozTel gives you a new way to call or message your customers in an effective and confident way. By this there will be no chance to miss any appointment.

No waiting during the call

Don’t worry if your agent is busy in another call and a patient calls you. With CozTel IVR you can get the notification of missed call. And it will automatically re-dial the missed number of patient when the agent got free.

Personalized each message

Through CozTel Voice Broadcasting you can personalize each message to each patient. By this your patients feel happy and familiar to you and trust you for further treatment.

Local number display

Through CozTel predictive dialer you can show your patient local number during call. It make the patient comfortable and easy to talk with you. It increase your confidence towards your patient.


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