Event Notifications

Make your important events to inform by your customers, through CozTel in an economic and confidential way.


Let your upcoming events be in The Ears of your Customer

No matter what type of business you are running, you need to notify your customer about your upcoming events, important features and many more. CozTel is here to give you a comfortable way to broadcast your event notifications. It does not need any kind of hardware equipment, you just need to connect with CozTel and make your laptop to send notifications.

Call and message to thousands of customers

You need to notify your thousands of customers in a short time and in a cheap way. Then no need to get worry about that CozTel assure you to call and send messages to thousands of your customers just by one click.

Personalize each message

To make your every customer feel important in your organization, personalize each message through CozTel. It will increase your customers’ confidence towards you and increase feedback to your notifications which may cause increase your sales too.

Manage the queue of calls

You do not want to miss any of your customers to notify your important event. And you have fear to miss anyone of them by your agent. Now time to get rid of this tension, get our software and manage a queue of your callers’ numbers and dial one by one automatically.

Cost effective

CozTel is less expensive and more reliable. It controls your budget to crash down and let you make more profit. You do not need to pay heavy installments of it. It costs only small amount to pay monthly and make your notifications in effective and confidential way.


Experience New era’s Cloud Based Call Center Software

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