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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Time is money, and by distributing huge volume of call manually to the right person consume much time of your agents and customeras to perform the task, still work manually and waiting for Automatic call distributor? So, …..

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

A simple, effective and efficient way to interact with customers without visibility of live agents and best toolto broadcast the brand message with interactive voice and automated prerecorded voice messages, to deliver the…..

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Fabulous services for your customer

Serve high call volume

Pitch of voice during your call is the essential part. It can change the perspective of your customer from negative to positive and positive to negative. So, it is not easy for your agent to serve your customer in a perfect call volume which should be according to the needs of the customer’s business. So, you have to join with CozTel software. That will make you to call your customer in high volume business call. And satisfy your customer to increase your sales.

Audit call detail information

You and your agent cannot have such ability to save thousands of customers’ detail in your mind. If you write them in a diary, you may lost it. So, you have to keep the details of your customer in a safe and organized way through CozTel. You do not get bother about the details of your customers and saving it. You have to attend the call and click one button to ready your computer to save the data.

Identify and segment callers

Categorize your customers in categories and let your agent to be comfortable during making calls. This software provides you facility to identify and segment your callers in categories. So that you can serve your customers according to their category.

Increase your customer’s trust

More effective and efficient service

IVR will also log call detail data into its own particular database for reviewing, execution report, and future framework improvements. It permits a contact focus or association to accumulate data about the customer as a method for guiding the request to the agent. It can exchange to the point data about the individual client and the software discourse to the specialist desktop utilizing a screen-pop, making for a more powerful and effective administration.

More advanced voice mail

Today is the era of new technologies. And in new upcoming technologies voice mail is a brilliant and important feature. Our present software can also use in more advanced voice mail to make caller sure of his security. And it make the customer trust worthy for your product. It also increase the productivity of agent and business.

Be best agent to your best customer

Fast and reliable

You can send massages to your billions of customers just in one click. Multilingual software can make your customer to feel comfort. Voice will always fresh, energetic and ready to make a sale.

Sound and smooth calls

Customers want to get engaged with your calls without any disturbance during call. To increase the productivity of agent, Calls transferred to the best agent of your company automatically through. It also pick the information about the caller.

Quick response

Nobody wants to waste time in any context. Response your customer immediately and feel him special in your company

Improve customers’ satisfaction

Marketing can be on upscale when your customer get satisfied of your services. Be fast, smooth, reliable and advanced to increase the satisfaction of your customers and make them happy about your product.


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