CozTel will increase your credibility, feasibility, confidence and comfort level in marketing, business, banking and health care departments.


Collect and sale your Debt In Comfort

Collection agencies / debt collector companies are the agencies that helps the companies to collect their debt from their customers. CozTel helps these companies to connect with the customers in an easy way with low price and less time.

Automatic call dialing gives ease to agents

CozTel predictive dialer is going to provide you an easy way to connect with your customer. Our software will dial your next call automatically and the agent of you will be able to talk with customer and at the same time check their data of debt to communicate with them to the point. It will save your time too.

Call Recording

The conversation between agent and debtor must be record to understand the way of their talk and level of their negotiation. CozTel will make you to record your calls without clicking any button or going through any difficult process.

Sales of debt, easy with us

Some companies hire debt collector agencies as the seller of debt. With CozTel they can make cheap and easy access to the customers to sale debt and make their reputation more high in the market.

Brainy call list

Outbound calls are made to debtors for the sale and collection of debt. An intelligent call list can arrange with the help of CozTel software to make calls in an order.


Experience New era’s Cloud Based Call Center Software

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