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Uplift and customize your business with CozTel cloud call center software to increase the credibility of customer.


Call Centers gain benefit from CozTel


Give professional and high quality customer service to solve the problems of them. Handle incoming calls from customers. …..

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Accelerate sales with automated dialer technology. Make outgoing calls …..

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Makes outgoing and takes incoming phone calls. …..

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CozTel, the smart solution to your call center problems

CozTel, provides you perfect solutions to your call center. A software which provides you easy way to run your contact center. It helps you to make your business compete in the industry. We make it easy for the agents to receive and dial calls. It has the best products with perfect features to uplift your business. It can help in inbound, outbound and blended contact centers.

Features of Coztel Call Center Software

Avatar Dialer

Provides you best accent according to your customers’ need. You do not face the difficulty to find the agent with fluent and perfect accent of UK or USA. We provide you on clicking just one button .…

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Recording Portal

Calls are automatically record with CozTel software. You do not have to click on recording button. It will record your call for the quality of your calls .…

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TPS/DNC Filtering

CozTel filters your TPS numbers not to call. Then you will be only able to connect with the people who have no issue about marketing calls .…

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Internal Chat

In some businesses managers have to keep an eye constantly on the agents about their working for the sake of company’s progress .…

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Web phone

Web phone is a kind of soft-phone which works with VoIP technology and by having it anyone can connect with the customers anytime .…

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Voice Broadcasting

Manage your calls and messages to reach your thousands of customers on one click through voice and SMS broadcasting software .…

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PCI Compliance

Every company needs a reliable security for the data of customers especially for the data of card holder customers .…

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Predictive Dialer

Max-efficient Predictive dialer software for better engagement and best outbound connectivity .…

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Power Dialer

Power dialer is an auto dialer with multiple dialing capacity at once until live users not been connected .…

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Progressive Dialer

Agents will never miss a single chance to connect with other end users, and find more sales pitch as in Coztel progressive dialer software .…

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Combination of two things, services or software are more effective than single one, same as in call center .…

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Auto Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD work with integration of Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) systems and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to intelligently route high volume of call .…

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

A simple, effective and efficient way to interact with customers without visibility of live agents .…

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Display Local Caller ID

We know your needs so we are going to give you the best arrangements that you can ever get! .…

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Agent Wallboard

Coztel presents an agent status board which gives a detailed progress report of the agent to the manager of the firm .…

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Authorities of CozTel cloud center software

No headache of instalments

CozTel is a software for which you do not have to pay a big amount in the shape of instalments. The only payment is your monthly rent. And you can use it with ease and uplift your business.

Flexible to use

CozTel cloud based software is flexible to use. Agent can easily understand it and utilize it to satisfy your customer. It also saves both your time and credit.

Know the demand of your customer

Through the use of CozTel ACD, the call will automatically convert to the right agent according to the need of customer. It makes sure your agent about the demands of your customer. And they can handle them in an ease.

Protect your data

We know that the basic issue of you is the safety of your data. We are going to assure you that with CozTel call center software your data will be save. There will be no fear of losing your data. So, be comfortable about your data while using our call center software.

24/7 Availability of help

It’s our promise to you that we are going to provide you our services 24/7. You can contact us at any time on any day, we will be here to help you.


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