6 Key Challenges Faced Maintaining Superior Customer Service Standards In 2018

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Digital transformation has reshaped the businesses and call center working styles and with the availability of latest tools, working is much easier. On the off chance that you are linked with call center industry, delivering superior customer service in 2018 is even becoming tougher.

If you have worked in a little to the medium-sized contact center, you are most likely acquainted with challenges like capital limitations, internet problems, specialist booking, lack of interaction channels, and overseeing inbound/outbound requests. These obstructions can hurt the profitability of your call center and in the long run, you may need to compromise over the customer services.

Agent’s turnover and recruitment

How to provide superior customer service? How to hire the best agents? Ways to maintain work environment to lessen down agent’s turnover? Most of the supervisors and managers in the call centers are found lost in this query!

Call center industry is suffering from highest labor turnover rate as judged by analysts. While the call centers are spending hundreds to million $$$ monthly and annually on training their agents, it is unbearable to accept agents turnover. Agent leaving and then the new incoming results in leaving a negative impact on the call center profitability. Moreover, delivering excellent customer service is at risk as well!

How to fix it?

Give time to recruiting and hiring process. Do you need tortoises or bunnies?

Keep in touch with your agents. Their feedback is important!

Are you paying to market competitive salaries? How about introducing bonuses and rewards?

Introduce cloud-based software for ease of navigation

To tell the truth, if agents spend most of their time in navigation, they have less time to talk to your clients. Moreover, if they are comfortable in using the different areas of the software, they can deliver quality customer service.

Ask yourself, are you using simple call center software or cloud-based call center software? What are the features of the software? Is it providing ease of navigation? How to record customer data while on the call?

How to fix it?

Good versus bad customer service- it does depend on call center software. Shift to cloud-based technology now!

Is multi-tasking possible with this call center solution?

Train your agents and check their speed often, of course, the navigation speed!

Growing customer’s expectations

What is great customer service mean to you? Do you often check the customer’s feedback? How frequently you get a call from already annoyed or frustrated customer? Are you experiencing the same customer attitude as in the previous years?

Satisfying customers is becoming really tough due to rise in their expectations. With a lot of choices to call for when a purchasing decision has been made or when they are looking for the solution, your clients go with the best choice, not the better one! Increased business competition is another issue giving rise to this challenge!

How to fix it?

Stay up-to-date with the latest technology and its benefits?

Do you have skilled agents to satisfy your client’s needs and requirements?

Never ignore communication skills as your clients will appreciate in talking with the agents, they are comfortable!

Health issues for the agents

A great saying by Will Rogers, “if you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing, love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing”.

Call center agents working the night shift suffers from some health issues like Insomnia, headaches, and depression. Obesity and overweight is another issue common in call center industry.

Sitting for the 8 hours shift and remaining of the phone is a challenging job. If your call agents are suffering from any of the health issues, it may result in labor turnover and delivering quality customer service is at risk!

How to fix it?

Do you have multiple shifts in the call center? How about shifting your agents on weekly basis?

Be concerned with the health of your agents and help them take medical help whenever required. Healthier the agents are, they will serve clients happier!

Choose the agents at hiring process who seems interested in this specific job, not only in getting any job!

Giving agents the right responsibility

Like all humans, call center agents are easier to work in the specific department and they are flexible with some of the duties better than others. Planning through learning about agent’s strengths and weaknesses is a right way to work in call center industry. An agent better in chat must be given this responsibility instead of answering phones!

How do you set the responsibilities and goals? Do you have call center representatives specialists and skilled in a certain area? Before assigning the job to your agents, what do you look for them?

How to fix it?

Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your agents. Set them to the right job and this leads to superior customer service!

Appreciate your agents for letting them speak and ask for them about their area of expertise.

Insist them to tell the job and role they would love to play even if they are new to it! High motivation comes from the interest!

Are social media channels beneficial or challenging?

With the multiplying users on the social media websites each year, businesses and digital experts are utilizing these sites for the benefit of their business. When it comes to contact center industry, it is entirely dependent on you, if you are using social media for the god or bad!

Are you active on the social media channels? Do you check customer feedback on it? What are the best approaches to using social media in 2018?

How to fix it?

Any bad experience faced by the customer sharing over social media is a big trouble for call center business. Avoid it!

Use social media to share your call center stories, tweets, Gifs and videos for getting more like by your clients!

Use top social media channels. Be wise!


Despite the fact that call center industry is facing even more challenges, you need to overcome them for sustainability and growth of your call center. it’s amazing if you are taking care of clients, managing insane work timings and timetables, dialers and still ensuring you are providing the quality customer services. Discover the key challenges for call centers in 2018 to maintain or improve customer services in the above post.


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