Web Phone



Web phone is a kind of soft-phone which works with VoIP technology and by having it anyone can connect with the customers anytime. For it you do not need to have any kind of hard phones or wires to connect it. You only need a software in your PC, Android or iPhone and start dialing by having a connection of Coztel cloud call center software.

Coztel can make your calls not only with web to web but also you can call from web to any phone. Web phone of Coztel can make agents feel happier than the past. They do not have to dial numbers one by one but numbers can dial automatically one by one through auto dialer in web phone. It has many shining features to clean the darkness in the form of difficulties in the market.

FEATURES OF Coztel Web Phone

Do not need any kind of external hardware.

Use platform of your choice like Windows, Mac, Smartphone or Android.

Login only through username and password, no detailed descriptions needed.

Connect with your customers from any part of the globe.


Experience New era’s Cloud Based Call Center Software

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