Top 4 Call Center Agent Performance Metrics – You Must Never Ignore

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Concentrate on these four key areas to maximize the main area which is customer satisfaction and to maintain a high performance and an efficient call center. These call center agent performance metrics are for both inbound and outbound call centers. With the help of best performing call centers and expert industry these matrices are


The first key area is to measure the performance of service which we are providing to the customer and which has the major impact on our center on the customer.

Customer Satisfaction

A customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty is a basic benchmark for call center industry if they are measuring the performance matrices. An approach is prescribed that describes to joins regularly client studies and customer surveys on quarterly basis directed by team leaders with autonomous outsider investigation such as third party independent analysis and confirm estimations by quality assurance measurements.

The matric is 90% for customer satisfaction globally

First Call Resolution

To begin with first call resolution rate measures and determines the level of percentage of all calls that is attended and settled on the first attempt, without the agent expected to operate and refer it to other agents, or to the manager, or calling the client back. This measure ought to enhance the agent become more specialist and confident with the product or services in the specific system of organization

The matric is 75% for first call resolution rate globally

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance measures the quality of calls and confirms that it is based on the same set of criteria which the agent must have to cover during the call according to instructions including

How the agent attends the call

How the agent navigate the customer to a solution

How the agent ends the call.

A quality assurance team listens to the recorded calls and rates it according to the criteria of the organization.


The second key area is to measure the efficiency to measure the performance of call center as efficient the staff is on the call, the better they communicate, influence and satisfy the customers.

Call Duration

Call duration is the measure of time spent speaking and addressing to the customers on the phone. The cost of the call will check long discussions. Calls might be longer at first as agents are still new to the products and the system. Firstly longer calls to achieve determination as this is more effective than repeat calls.

The matric is 4 minutes per call globally.

Call wrap up Time

The call wrap time is the time that an agent takes after the call has completed finishing the case. This time is required to update the system and to complete forms and other duties as assigned by the firm and if any other actions needed to be associated with call.

The matric is 6 minutes globally.


Here are the calling related attributes which have to analyzed to measure the efficiency of system for good performance of call center

Calls answered

Service is a percentage of calls received and answered by the agents within a time to assess the level of service. This is the most common metric in call center industry to measure the level of service call center is providing to its customers.

The matric is 80% in 20 seconds globally

Speed to answer

If measuring service in call center industry this is also an important service factor measure the performance. It also measures all the calls that are not answered with the specific time which is 20 seconds. So it measures the overall average of the service of call center calls.

The matric is 28 seconds globally.

Abandoned rate

The abandoned rate is the rate of calls that are abandoned while the customer is waiting on the line for the agent. It is vary according to the service level provided by the center. This is compared with the percentage of all the calls received.

The matric is 5% globally


The staff is the main part of the performance in call center industry. If the staff is in the good mode they are also able to provide good service. Mental satisfaction leads to good performance.


It tracks and measures the number of days agents are absent because of illness or by other personal reasons by the percentage of total days working as per job contract. This includes all forms of absent including long term and short-term absence. This is a key indicator to measure stress issues and to measure the motivation effect on the work of staff.


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