Voice Broadcast System

Why Voice Broadcasting Software is a Marketing Implement?

Coztel voice broadcasting knows that companies need some kind of quick and easy way to communicate with their customers, as the customers do not like to wait. To fulfill this requirement of the day, Coztel voice broadcasting service is one of the best. Companies can convey their messages and calls to the thousands of customers only with one click.


Generates leads through the use of “press one” campaign

Helps to convey notifications of different departments like healthcare, debt control, surveys and many more

Send notifications on a vast range about weather forecast in severe situations

Politicians can build their election campaign and send their messages to their followers and public through Coztel voice broadcasting service.


Coztel voice broadcasting gives a way to connect with customers in different conducts. It is one of the most easy, time saving and cheap way to communicate.


SMS broadcasting service convey message to a huge number of customers just through one click

With call broadcasting service agents can convey their recorded calls to different customers at same time

Detect perfectly voicemails and personal call

Support text to speech features

Upload a do not call list automatically to avoid calls

Automatically dial the missed or unanswered calls


Coztel Call and SMS Broadcasting Service transfer calls to the right agent according to the requirement of the customers. It can help the management to categorize the customers according to their needs. Then convey messages and calls according to the category. Different types of departments like healthcare, marketing, schools, banks and government offices use voce broadcasting service to convey their messages. In short, it is a fabulous service for all kind of communication on a big platform.


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