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What Characteristics a Robo dialer have to be good in Telemarketing

Coztel Robo Dialer software is an outbound calling framework that automatically dials from a list of phone numbers. Like different sorts of auto dialers, predictive dialers button the numbers automatically and can enable operators to screen for busy signs, phone message, no-answers and disconnected numbers. Coztel Robo Dialer can increase the productivity of agents up to 300% more than the others in the market. Telemarketing department is the main gate of sales on which a business depends. Robo calling doing its best to achieve the goals of a telemarketing firm. It also increases the utilization of an agent up to 57 minutes per hour. Agents feel easy to operate and use it.


It helps to administrate the whole business on web based

Prerecorded messages send at once to thousands of customers

Activate do not call list to avoid the mishaps of future

It can run multiple campaigns at one time

Automatically distribute the calls according to the need of customers mentioned in the list

Web and script display screen can make an agent more easy to communicate with the customers

Easily customize caller’s information to give him or her a perfect service according to his or her past history with company

Fastest outbound calling

It integrates with CRM to be effective for management to have an eye of observation on customer – agent dealings


Outbound dialers use mathematical formulas and algorithms to predict both the average call answer time and agent availability. And then modifies the dialing rate accordingly. An effective hosted dialer software will also analyze unsuccessful calls and determine if that number requires a callback.


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