Hosted Predictive Dialer

How Hosted Predictive Dialer Software achieve high graph for companies?

Coztel hosted predictive dialer software is one of the unique technologies in the department of sales and marketing where calling system is essential. It allows the agents or customer services representatives to connect with the customers through HD calling system. It generates a massive amount of live connections. Predictive dialer software increase the sales of the companies to progress them towards the heights of market trends. You can get positive results and also provide ease and comfort to your representatives. It will directly results in the loyalty of customers in the result of a happy agent.


Coztel cloud predictive dialer can give your company a big amount of delightful benefits under the shades of its dynamic features.

It will administrate your calls on web base criteria

Agents report will be shown to the manager without taking any kind of headache

It can manage multiple leads on one time

Admin and agent web page in multi languages to give ease in communication with the language they perfectly know

Avoid the mistakes of dialing DNC calls by maintaining a list of Do Not Call

Make fast outbound calls which cover a huge area of connections in no time

A reliable support service is given to customers


To make your cloud contact center the most leading in the industry you should join hands with Coztel hosted predictive dialer. It is easy to understand and use by the agents and they will feel free of stress of dialing calls and wait for the live customers. In short, it is the key to open the lock of your success in the form of happy agents and authentic customers who will run with you for a long time.


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