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How IVR Software Cover the Vast Area of Unlimited Customers?

Coztel IVR software provides an efficient, effective and simple way to communicate with the customers even when the agents are not available or busy. It uses press 1 campaign to make customers busy on call and when it get answer, it connect the call to the most relevant agent present at the time. It creates the calls continuously which avoid the idle time of the agent and increase his or her productivity. Hosted IVR system can make your customers more reliable and they feel happy to connect with you and trust more on your product. IVR system sends voice messages to the thousands of customers in one time in a very attractive voice with perfect accent.


Coztel IVR call center have ability to handle big benefits with dynamic features in it for call center business.

Coztel IVR system is fully integrate with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Send messages with Text To Speech (TTS) recognition

It enables the customers to have a self-service opportunity also

Connect the answered call with the relevant agent in the team

Expand the range of business with less effort

Use multi languages to connect with the customers of different regions


Coztel interactive voice response makes your call center more reliable and trustable for the customers. They get quick response and it is the basic thing which every customer needs. It always welcome your customers with a constant tone and attractive voice which make the customers fresh to confirm a deal with your company.


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