Call Center Dialer

Why Call Center Dialer is Core Vital in new era Technologies?

Coztel call center dialer leads your business with its intelligent call processing and managing system. It makes calls from the list automatically and feed them in the lists. And then it delivers the answered calls to the agents who are available at that time. It dials the calls continuously so there is zero waiting time for the agents which increase their productivity. Hosted automatic phone dialer increase the dialing 300 to 350 percent more than the manual dialing system. The agent can spend more minutes on a live call and serve the caller or receiver more diligently because this lead could be a valuable prospective customer through call center dialer.


Record the calls automatically to increase the productivity of customer services

Manager can check the live conversation between the agent and the customer

Display local caller ID to make the conversation more convenient from the customer side

Able to handle multiple campaigns at the same time

Build an environment to chat between agents and manager to make the services more authentic

Customers can listen to the music on hold instead of boring beep

Show the agent’s status bar to improve his or her productivity

If calls missed by some reason automatic dialer software manage it to re-dial when the agent finish his or her continuous call


Coztel automatic phone dialer make the customers to do more trust on your company and your products. Managers can coordinate with the agents to make calls more effective and make them more energetic to their work. So, the automatic dialer is the core vital to the organizations which deal with the new era technologies to communicate with their customers through phone calls.


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