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What is the Scope of Call and SMS Blast Software in Business?

Coztal SMS and call blast software give you a modern solution to the new era’s technical problems. To get access to the maximum number of people, big organizations can use it without any hesitation. It is designed to make outbound calls and messages but now it can also use for inbound and blended calls also. It’s an operative method to send messages and calls to thousands of people in one click. There is no hardware need to use for call or SMS, so it is also cost effective.

Coztel voice and SMS blast software have a vast range of features, let us have an eye on them.


Control the cost of your call but do not compromise on the quality and standards

Personalize each message to build trust of the customer to you and your company

Integrates with the software application to give your agent an ease to understand and use

Do not miss any call, automatically re-dial the calls if they missed because of any reason

Design to get more positive responses with easy to use and reliable to deliver strategy


Some people do not read emails or messages due to illiteracy, for them Coztel voice blast service is introduced which convey the message properly to them. It is speedy, reliable, potential and scalable for the department of sales, marketing, and customer services. Its consistency of voice and tone make your customers believe more on your services. Thousands of calls and messages combine in one click through voice blast and SMS blast service.


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