Must-Have Habits Of Highly Successful Call Center Supervisor

Posted By: admin | 6-Dec-2017 | call center

“Great coaches engage agents and help to retain them”.

A top-notch call center supervisor is expected to excel in different roles and driving call center towards success! They are not only the team leaders, In fact they are a role model for your call center agents. Undoubtedly, they are the most important part of your call center. in carrying out their responsibilities well, they need to be multi-tasker at the same time, creating a right connection between call center agents and your customers! Boost your call center success with hiring right motivator and manager for your team in the call center!

Look for these qualities in them and you can select best of them for your call center:

Introduce Yourself Properly

“Being a leader is not about you. It’s about the people that are on your team and how you can help them be successful”. (Susan Vobejda)

Have a new call center agent’s team? as a call center supervisor, you need to introduce yourself properly! Either during the lunchtime or some other way, you need to talk to your team about you!

Depending on the nature of call center, most of the call center the has small meeting at the start when new team or supervisor is hired!

Don’t only talks about your professional life only, share little of your personal life as well!

Do talk about your leadership style and your job responsibilities; create the personal connection with your team! it is highly effective practice!

Talk To Your Call Center Agents Often

A call center manager who only took himself seriously while others casually, may not get the insights of the call center, which is vital for success! Your call center agents are actually a medium telling you about problem going on in the team. Early detection of issues is possible!

You can learn about the performance of your competitors from your agents! Outline strategies for performing even better for them for success!

Hunting for best practices and ideas? Your call center agents are a way to get them! Different agents come up with different ideas, listen to all; pick the best ones.

Your agents would love to their voice and it is good practice to make them more passionate and loyal to their job as well!

Provide Coaching

“The role of a great leader is not to give greatness to human beings, but to help them extract the greatness they already have inside them”. (J Buchen)

While maintaining other responsibilities, a great call center supervisor need to train their team efficiently! You want your agents to practice new ideas or some other way of dealing with the customers? Provide them with coaching and you would love the results!

Use different ideas and technology to train and coach your team!

Highlight confusing issues and other problems facing your team and then outlining the easy implementing solution for all!

Use your example and listen and practice with your team to improve their confidence in their job!

Review Current Performance And Making It Better

What is actually a role of authentic call center supervisor? It’s not all about keeping your agents to work, it’s about improving the performance! As a call center supervisor, you are able to compete better with other big fishes in the market with better strategies and improving the performance of your call center!

You may have sales targets to deal with; deal with high pressures easily with improving the performance!

Improving the performance require analysis of the current performance and highlighting the loopholes!

Cover the flaws and share your ideas with your call center agents and enjoy the success!

Use Idle Time Efficiently

Can idle time is actually advantageous for the call center leader? How to use the idle time for the betterment of the call center? how to interact better and in an interesting way with your call center agents?

Getting an extra time? It is highly advantageous if you are able to use it smartly and efficiently!

Use this time for coaching or training your agents for the better. Share some of the interesting calls with them to entertain them while giving them idea o customer handling!

Prepare a quiz and your agents would love to participate!

A highly successful and smart call center supervisor helps guide the call center agents in the right direction to ensure maximum customer satisfaction! Utilizing the current technology and tools available at the call center, they can help beat your competitors and improve your sales volume as well! they are able to balance work tasks accordingly.


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