Ways To Master Your Call Center Growth- Features You Need

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Increase your contact center efficiency with introducing better management tools. If you are in a market of a call center, you need certain contact center features to progress. Are you Curious about beating your competitors? or want to achieve sales targets which seems next to impossible? Seems to look for an answer to any of these? This blog post is exactly what you are looking for!

Progress your call center further with introducing these contact center tools and features. Here is a list of top call center features:

Set Up Phone Call Monitoring

Smart call center managers are already practicing this feature. Listening to live calls is best for learning about the agent’s weaknesses and areas they are lacking in! Providing a professional call experience and quality call improve returned clients. Set up phone call monitoring at your contact center and you are able to improve in many areas.

Improve the number of returned customers, and increase their loyalty to the company and brand, of course!

Are you growing? Grow further by outlining weaknesses in your call center agents!

Improve quality assurance practices available from your contact center.

Keep a close eye and know much more about your team members. Make training better later!

Whisper Coaching Is Helpful

Are you still not aware of whisper coaching? better customer service practices seem impossible without some of the contact center features. Monitoring each calling line separately seems next to impossible however whisper coaching is actually helpful. New agents may struggle over handling certain types of customers, or they are unable to answer technically!

Your managers are able to handle the call without letting it know on the other end with this feature. There is the number of benefits of this feature, some may include:

Best for training new agents, of course over the live call!

Definitely, you don’t want to lose your customer but want to train new agents exceptionally as well.

Improve the communication skills of your existing agents with this feature.

Availability of this feature also makes new product launching simple and easy.

Help out your agents whenever required!

Are Call Queues Feature Set Up?

Call queue waiting is disturbing and annoying for the customer. Blank on the other side and listening to none may leave them annoyed. Call queue increases the call bounce and calls cut ratio which is not good for the call center. it is time to ask yourself, is call queues feature set up for your call center? How do you handle seasonal variation call pressure? Is there a tool to see the call waiting volume?

Enhance your callers calling experience by improving this feature. Start by checking your call center software and check if is there is the need for an update? Ensure that you are not losing customers with enabling it:

Custom music is entertaining. It keeps your customers happier on the other end.

Messages are better. Enter multiple types of messages for call waiting queue.

Voicemail is a type of feature which is always prioritizing. You can use it for various purposes!

Marketing messages are a great way to keep up customers while their call is in the queue.

Engage your caller better on the phone while doing telephone marketing as well!

Thinking Of Contact Center Analytics Or Dashboard?

How do you measure the performance of your call center agents? Improve productivity of your team with seeing what your team is doing? A call center dashboard is what smart manager is always in need of! It provides drill-down data as well as the quick glance at the performance of the team. do your managers have an ability to make informed decisions?

Today, a contact center is much more than simply calling or getting called! To compare performance, spotlighting trends and improving sales volume; contact center analytics is best. Improving your contact center features; don’t forget about this one:

Dynamic visualizations of real-time data keep your managers updated and informed.

Remain stress-free and keep you safe from bigger unpleasant surprises. You are able to select, what you want to see!

KPIs and seasonal trends in sales can be seen. Make informed decisions on basis of data from call center dashboard.

Weaknesses and strengths are available. Improve your call center performance and train your agents well

Call Recording For Success

How often do you monitor calls of your agents? Do you know the importance and benefits of recording calls in your contact center? Call recording is actually life savior for most of the call center. For managers who are unable to monitor live calls, they are able to remain aware of their team performance and weaknesses as well with this feature.

You have control over the pulse of your call center with using recorded calls.

Listening to these calls and then training the call center agents is easier and efficient practice to do so.

Trends and KPIs for contact center can be improved further if you have access to call recording.

It is not only beneficial for the existing agents, in fact, you can train and help new agents as well.

Extending your contact center functionality or try to improve the operations of it? to survive in the call center market your call center need to improve in various areas and need to introduce call center software features as well. Make sure your contact center has the features mentioned above available and you are capable of improving further. Make changes in your software and implement these features for more!


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