How To Jump Start Your Outbound Call Center In 2018?

Posted By: admin | 22-Jan-2018 | call center

Creating a call center from scratch? Or interested in opening new outbound call center at the different location? It is the challenging and hard job. Although it is a good idea to own your business and earning profit from contact center is possible if you are able to set up it efficiently.

To make sure your new call center actually works for you, here are most important factors to consider and decide before actually giving it a start:

1. Do you know what type of call center you want to initiate?

There are two main types of a call center, and before making a start, you need to understand, what is an outbound call center? And the difference between inbound call center and outbound call center. Other types include telemarketing and web-enabled system. Ask yourself which type of call center you are setting up or which one is beneficial for you?

Inbound call center- this call center actually work on the principal on attending calls from customers, answering calls and making no call yourself to customers.

Outbound call center it is a type of call center where you are making calls to customers yourself, advertising product or services or trying to sell them over the phone.

Telemarketing- there is a very thin line of difference between an outbound call center and telemarketing.

Web-enabled- it is a type of web-based services and providing support to customers through the web.

Before going on to the further steps and factors, you need to decide this one now!

2. Setting up a business plan

A business plan is fundamental to set up at this stage and to make working in the right direction. It is not only a term, in fact, it defines your working strategy, your targeted audience and the region, investment policy, marketing plan and costs, budget and much more. It is smart policy to make it yourself, however, understanding market and business are important.

Setting up business plan require complete data about the market and your competitors as well.

Outbound call center means tough competition in the market and this requires business plan to be detailed and specific.

Keep it strict to your business as it acts as the roadmap for your outbound call center later.

Do involve business plan, cost, marketing and investment ideas and cost in it!

3. Types of dialers for outbound call center- which one is right?

Once it is decided you are preparing for outbound call center choosing the outbound dialing technology is important. As mentioned above, there is strict competition for contact center these days, you are still able to improve profit making for your call center through picking up the right type of dialer for your call center agents.

Simple dialer or predictive dialer- simple dialer is actually not preferred these days. This is because of simple dialer cause confusion, takes a lot of time to call my agents, costly and never recommended for the outbound call center.

Predictive dialer- a smart solution for outbound call center

The predictive dialer is a top choice for call centers these days as it has numerous benefits and it ensures growth, better productivity, reduce expenses and achievement of sales targets for the call center. It saves the time for the agents and connects them with the call which is answered by a customer. This means no more idle time and no more extra call costs!

4. Who and where to call- your target audience and region?

When making marketing plans and strategies for your call center or before investing in further equipment’s, deciding the suitable region and your target audience is important. It’s fairly obvious you may need to decide the products or services you are offering from your call center and then your choice may differ.

Are you selling the product or offering services from your call center?

Pick up the target audience and you may need to decide the gender as well. Gender, age or any other factor is dependent on the choice of your product or services!

Which country you are targeting and why? Check the local competition before starting.

You can make an online survey for it as well!

It is important and it does require your time to prosper in future!

Starting an outbound call center is equally important as running it efficiently. When you are ready for business, investing a suitable amount in the outbound call center is good for earning well, however it did require some important factors to consider.


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