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There is a lot of competition for call centre jobs these days. This is because they are suitable for many and known to best earning method for short term! However with more and more customers turning towards calls, to ask their queries, companies are even looking for smarter people- in fact call agents for! According to recent report, “76% of customers actually took customer service a way to check, if they are really valuable for company”, (2015 Aspect Report).

Hiring call center agents Or Preparing for your call center interview? Here are some quick questions and tips to pass through!

Your small introduction

This is usually the most simple and common introductory question. But It is not that simple! It is time to give your first impression. Do you know how to answer it perfectly? are you aware of your strengths? Forget about your weaknesses- it’s your choice; at the instant. Very well said, “a job interview is not a test of your knowledge, but your ability to use it at the right time” (wishes messages).

Smart answer

Do add a part of your personality in it, what motivates you actually, your interests and likes”.

Be professional

Add your qualifications as well. be short and impressive

Questions about call center

What actually is call center? Either you are aware of it or not, this question is always a part of interview. Well said by Epictetus, “we have two years and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”.

Smart answer

Tell a little about call center, read about it online and see the images as well!

Do you know about types of call centers? In-bound and out bound call center?

Generally, you are accepting calls in inbound call center and making calls yourself in outbound call center.

Don’t make foolish answers, if you don’t know!

Why you left your last job?

So what exactly is the reason behind leaving your last job? It can be any reason, but if asked try to remain honest! If you have left it months before, it might affect your skills as well. it’s good, your new boss, is judging you on the truth! This is even helpful for the interviewer, when hiring call center agents!

Smart answer

The smartest answer here will include, “that I desire to improve my skills further”.

You can even tell them, that you are interested in growing your career!

Do mention about your salary expectations, as this is the right time to tell so!

Avoid blaming or saying negatives about your previous company.

It is against professionalism and your new boss would never appreciate it!

Why are you perfect for us?

Definitely, your interviewer wants to judge, why you are here for? Is this just a random interview or you are actually interested in working with them? do you know something about the company or actually about job?

Smart answer

Share any news or latest happenings in the company!

This must be done before going for the interview, at least make a detailed visit to their website.

Interviewer always prefers a person who seems interested in making the company beneficial.

You can tell them, that you would love to work for them and improving your skills with them!

Your strengths and weaknesses!-

You can even make interviewer realize at this question that you are perfect for the job. Hiring call center agents is a tricky part, but interviewers are perfect at it! before arriving at the interview, read the job ad carefully and skills require in a agent as well. this can make you ready for a perfect answer!

Smart answer

Do tell your strengths and attributes in a smarter way.

It’s not bad to tell about your weaknesses, but it’s all about the way you tell them.

Use a smart approach, tell your weaknesses indirectly.

Do tell them, you are a fast learner. (everyone love to have smart people at their place)

Do you want to ask us something?

The first thing, don’t let your questions go away here. Ask the interviewer your confusion or anything; you seem interested in knowing about. You may ask about your responsibilities, daily work load, team members and salary.

It class=”check-heading animate-box”seems like you are ready for your call center interview! Even though if you came across by new questions, surely you are able to handle them with tih3 smart answers mentioned above. Gh3d and enjoy your interview!


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