How to Become a Contact Center Agent: The Easy Way

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Is it your objective to grow and succeed as contact center agent? The job may seem simpler to you or it may look like handling calls only, but it is not a fact. If you are able to get a job, contact center agent, you are representing a company and brand and it is a big responsibility. You are able to make or break customers. Moreover, you can judge yourself, if you are capable of this job or not. There are certain skills or characteristics to look inside you, which are must-haves of successful contact center agent. Polish them and you are able to become the asset to the call center you are working with!

Here is a list of skills you can enhance to become one of the best contact center agents. Let’s go through them:

A call center is about working in the fast-paced environment; are you ready for it?

Generally, if you are a kind of a person, slow or clumsy, a call center is not an appropriate place to work for you! Specifically talking about the inbound call center, there is a pressure of incoming calls and agent must be able to deal with them efficiently. The main focus of call center managers is to reduce the call handling time and helping agents in dealing and solving the customer problem in lease possible time. This is to ensure they are ready to answer other customers.v

Do you know?

Not only do agents in a busy call center handle dozens of calls every day, they also interact with customers with challenging personalities

Are you ready for it?

Well, if you love to learn fast, you are able to improve your skills as contact center agent.

Always use the right greetings.

Think of customer and call center a different job each day. Deal with problems passionately.

Bureau of Labor Statistics expects customer service call-center employment to grow 39% between 2014 and 2024 as mentioned on

To increase your chances of getting the job, you must be ready for accepting challenges and able to handle problems quickly!

Knowledge about products and services

There is no room for inaccuracies in your job, especially if you are working as contact center agent. This is because the customer who is calling out is definitely facing some sort of problem or ready to ask a question about products or services your call center is offering. If you are best fit for the job, there is no need to ask for help or forwarding the call. In fact, you are able to answer the customer yourself.

Do you know?

When onboarding new agents, provide information about your company culture, mission, core, values, vision and the way, the new hire’s role fits into your company achieving its goals”.

Improving knowledge & becoming master

You must be ready to work out of your comfort zone.

Go ahead and ask questions in the training class without worrying about, what others will think about you?

Becoming master of the products requires becoming aware of the technical questions and features of the products as well.

As a call center owner, you must appreciate your agents to become master in each field!

Do you have the ability of remaining calm under fire?

It is surprisingly true that most of the callers when make calls are extremely angry. It is obvious they are frustrated as they are facing a problem. Most of the time they are looking for the agent who is able to solve a problem on the first person basis rather than forwarding it on to another guy. If you have the ability to stay calm while you are handling extreme angry customer, you can be a perfect contact center agent.

Do you know?

Your courteous and right behavior over the phone can make the angry customer go calm. If you are able to learn or improve the right tactics for the job this is even better.

Get ready for the challenge….

This is a responsibility of call center owner to add some questions in the recruitment process to ensure they are giving an opportunity to the right guy for the job.

If you are expert and master in product knowledge surely you are able to cool down a customer, even if he is yelling at you!

Think of customers as your business and you will make every try to make them cool while not losing your temper as well!

Go ahead take training classes and improve your attitude towards this!

Collaborate with your team members

Do you know collaborating with your team members in the call center is not essential for fulfilling your social needs? in fact, it is a great way to improve your knowledge about the job and learn new ways of handling customers as well. you may have different types of person in the team, some are part of HR department, while others are expert customer representative. It is high time to learn something from them and apply them in your job!

Teach your agents best practices for dealing with a difficult customer on the phone. They will be sure to encounter one, so they better be prepared”.

How to improve it?

As a call center owner, make it comfortable for your agents. You may introduce internal chat tool for it.

Providing real-time guidance is possible and this can be done by other team members as well.

If you want to become more productive in your job, go for making regular contact with your team members.

During training class ask your team members about the challenges he is facing, and how he is dealing with them?

Give attention to detail

If you are a type of person who listens to another carefully, you are right for the job. This is because, as a contact center agent it is your duty to listen carefully to the customer. Not only listening for the major details, do listen to the minor problems your customer is facing!

Get ready for it…

If you are interested in handling call efficiently, this may require your focus and focus during the whole call.

Your customers will love the way if you are able to satisfy them and solving their major and minor problems!

Working as a contact center agent is not a hard job if you have certain skills and abilities in you. With growing opportunities in the call center, you are able to succeed in call center industry. To become smart and efficient contact center agent, above is the list of skills mentioned. Improve your skills in the specific areas and you are ready to go for the job. The success of your call center is also dependent on the contact center agents, therefore, you can now choose them carefully looking for the skills mentioned above!


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