Amazing Facts You Should Know About Inbound and Outbound Calls

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Inbound and outbound calls work with different tact’s. Spending hours on calling without any strategy may result in no sales. Investing a large amount of time cool calling an irregular rundown of telephone numbers, being hung up on, and being shouted at doesn’t appear to be engaging or appreciating in the telemarketing. On the other side, as a man getting that call gets instantly annoyed and don’t let you proceed. To tell the truth, this is the practical picture of the outbound calling.

Unlike Outbound calling, inbound calling actually let clients making calls to you. It has a high achievement rate on the grounds that interested customers are calling and they are ready to listen what your agent is telling them—there’s simply no real way to know whether you are able to make a sale or no-till the end.

Here are top amazing facts about inbound and outbound calls, which let your call center take benefit and get ahead of its competitors. Go through them to improve working in your call center:

Facts you should know about inbound and outbound calls

The Client Is King

Among the top universal facts for the inbound and outbound call center include never neglecting a fact, that a client is the building stone for the call center. Directly or indirectly, your manager or supervisor always focuses on telling the team members to provide quality customer services.

Treat your “customer asking”, improve the probability of making a sale.

According to a fact, 89% of customers to start taking your competitor services, after leaving unsatisfied from you or after getting low-quality services from you.

Tips for Treating Customer like A King


Appreciate your call center representatives to respect the clients and use proper greetings while starting or ending up a call.

Don’t let customer on the other end know, if you are in sort of hurry.

Try to keep the call pressure down for your agents or splitting out the calls as a high volume of calls in the queue may be a reason for low-quality customer service.


Proper greetings always work for clients of any age and gender.

Let your customers speak first and let them finish before you are ready to deliver your message.

Try to remain professional and respectful towards the customer and you get a sale lead or at least some reference!

There Is No Substitute for Fast Response

“According to the fact, 50% of your clients will wait for a callback or response from you as promised for about a week before going over to your competitors.”

Try to think about the other 50%. Are they expecting a call within 24 hours after coming into contact with you? Do 5% of the clients is not even interested in getting a telecommunication call? Or what are the other possibilities?

Facing a problem or looking for a product for any need, your customers are not ready to wait. Be super responsive and there is no chance your competitor is getting a client from your call center.

Tips for Providing Super-Fast Response in Inbound and Outbound Calls


Have you heard of the first person call resolution? Tried it?

Try to figure out the solution for the problem your client is facing and fix it on time.

Introduce technologies and right tools in your contact center to ensure, your agents are able to use them for solving the problem instantly.

Multi-tasking works, ask your agents to keep the details for the timely callback.


Value the practice of recording and preparing the client database and details for the call.

Reserve last 30 minutes or the starting 30 minutes of the shift to go through the calls which should be made today or tomorrow.

Get back to the client weekly and ask for the customer feedback for the previously bought goods.

Comfort Room Is Dream in Call Center Industry

Working as a call center agent, you are familiar with the sentences, “o I am tired”, “I am not able to sit here for the whole shift”, “what sort of calls I am getting” or “I am losing my nerves, what’s next? This is because inbound and outbound call center is all about making and making calls!

Most of the agents have gone through the days when the call volume was extremely high however they are usually no days when agents are sitting in the comfort room for hours. If you are extremely motivated kind of people, then you are able to survive in the industry, otherwise, you will keep losing!

Tips for Remaining Active throughout the Shift


Choose the right agents at the hiring process.

Introduce agent’s rewards and bonuses programs in your call center.

Do give short breaks, but always tell your agents it a bonus not a part of the agreement.

Refresh the sales targets daily or use the whiteboard with summary of the sales made by the agents on it!


Tell your agents during coaching that calling for the hours can surely give them an interested customer or the sale.

Enhance their communication skills and engage them more in calling process.

During the hiring process, look for the agents who are passionate, outspoken and confident instead of opposite personalities.

Friday Is Your Best Friend But Monday Needs The Most!

Talking about the calls pressures, they are typically on the top for the first day of the week, i.e Monday, walking in the call center, be ready to deal with a lot of annoying or frustrated customers, but as a successful call center representative, you need to remain calm and friendly throughout the shift.

Friday is the opposite!


Feeling low on Sunday? Get enough sleep and get ready for a flow of calls on Monday.

Get ready managers, agents may need a lot of call whispering or your help directly!

Tea and coffee would help definitely!


Monday is the day for the sales if you are ready to give it a try with all your efforts.

Friday is quite relaxing, however calling may give you sales leads for the upcoming week.


Inbound and outbound calls don’t share same nature; still, the basic motive remains the same. With a wide range of opportunities and choices, some facts remain the same for all types of the call center. Be aware of all these amazing facts in this post and improve the skills of your call center representatives with the tips added above. Help your agents in discovering their skills and abilities and using them in the best manner for the growth of your contact center!


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