6 Critical Customer Service Statistics – Call Centers Watch For Success

Posted By: admin | 22-Nov-2017 | call center, Customer service

iCall center industry is evolving and progressing fast and more and more challenges are faced each year. It is highly recommendable to call centers to implement technology at the time. Setting the call center statistics as performance indicators and customer-focused approach is the smart strategy! This is because customer expectations are rising fast and if they are not getting the satisfaction level they desire, they simply switch from your company!

Below is the list of call center statistics which should be known to smart call center managers and must be watched for success as well in 2018:

Watch For Service Quality

According to American Express, “78% of customers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience”.

Do you make customer satisfaction surveys often to get an idea about your service quality? How often do you give feedback calls to your customers? Do you have an idea what is the call attending percentage to sales ratio?

You can enjoy better customer satisfaction level with improving your service quality! Moreover, the customers can make more products and purchase level rises as well! you may carry out call tracking for the call center agents for improving this call center statistic for your call center!

Provide Multichannel Support For Your Brand

According to eConsultancy, “consumers prefer the following channels: phone 61%, email 60%, live chat 57%, online knowledge base 51& and “click to call” support automation 34%”.

It’s time to determine if you have a strong presence over multiple channels! Customers these days prefer the companies and brands who have the strong presence in different mediums! Moreover, they love to prefer the company with better responsive qualities! It is important to cover all the mediums, however, providing the superior services on all as well!

If you have not determined this factor before this is time to do so! If your brand or call center is providing all these support mediums, improve your presence and response time on them! Make feedback chats to calls to the customers to learn more about it!

Improve Your Customer First-Time Experience

Make a first strong impression on the customers and guarantees his loyalty for long! Take it from your perceptive, you love to return to the store, or call center, where you have to get the best calling experience for the first time!

Call center statistics which are highly important to improve in 2018 to grow your call center do include this! Thinking about how to improve it further? Focus on first call resolution, average wait time and self-service usage as well! if all of these need improvement, it is highly critical for your call center growth!

Do You Make Out Bounding Calling?

Well, making outbound calls and getting customers is actually not difficult! To tell the truth, call centers are potentially losing a lot of clients these days due to insufficient technology and not having skilled call center agents for the outbound calling! It actually opens new opportunity doors to your call center, if used efficiently!

Making outbound calls from your call center? is there any specific region targeted? You can perform better at it through making training programs often and making changes in the script as well! Improve your outbound calling call center statistic by measuring conversion rate, call abandon rate and calls attended per hour weekly!

Call Center Call

Control this call center statistic and you are ready for growth in 2018! According to the fact with technology implementation and hiring highly skilled call center agents call center costs are exclusively increasing! If your brand still has in0house cal center, you are able to reduce the cost of outsourcing it to some outsider!

This is not only to reduce the call center cost, in fact, it means, you are actually choosing the expert for our call handling purpose! Moreover, these companies have highly smart and skilled team members including team leaders and call center agents as well! Reduce cost per call to control the expenses well!

With a highly critical and growing market of a call center, you need to be ready for change all the time! Moreover, to guarantee customers satisfaction and growth of your call center, you need to implement right technologies in your call center as well! Improve these call center statistics to ensure the success of your call center!


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