7 Advanced Metrics to Improve Call Center Performance

Posted By: admin | 5-Oct-2017 | call center

What is your planned success rate from your call center? Are you beating your competitors or giving them tough challenge? Are your agents performing best on most busiest and hectic days? Celebrate your success with tracking call center metrics added here. Here are top of them, you must not miss:

Quality scores

What type of services you are offering at your call center? Quality of the services really matter and this make it to top position here. Listening to your agents calls made with the customers is excellent way of analyzing quality of calls. According to 2012 call center fast facts, “most of the owners are concerned about improving productivity of their agent”. Track quality calls, and you can do this!

Improvement tips

Use analytics to find higher value calls.

Record the calls for the initial seconds of the agents.

Give quality scores

Per agent, 10-12 monthly calls are best!

Speed up QA feedback to agents

Teach your Virtual call center agents time management

First call resolution

it is one of the most major call center metrics, which can affect the customers satisfaction. It is simple most, yet efficient way of increasing revenue. It results in even improved agents and customers satisfaction, enjoy more sales with satisfied customers**. Do you know it does reduce operating costs as well?

Improvement tips

Once, you have improved it, you may notice the reduce number of incoming calls.

Track down your agents answers to the customers.

How often they call back for the same problem?

Determine impact

Don’t miss root cause analysis of the problem, “call reason Pareto Analysis is effective”.

Listen the calls from the third-person perceptive to rate them in fair way!

Calls blocked

You may miss out any of your loyal client or customer without any major issue because of this! well said, “improving your call center is the easiest way is to improve your customer experience”. You may need to track down percentage of call blocked.

Improvement tips

Most of the time this happened, because of unavailability of free contact center agent.

If your call center software is not updated or support large volume of calls at once!

Outsourcing your call center is smart idea!

Update your software and improve FCR for less volume of calls.

Improving call center metrics can result in more loyal customers!

Productivity and sales per agent

When tracking down your call center performance, this is major metric to observe! So what are you selling out? Do you have number of products or single product? Is “Product A” is favorite among targeted audience or if the “product B” need better sales team?

Improvement tips

Remain fair and trace down actual number of sales made in month!

It is high time to outline sales agent, who actually need training!

To improve your sales and profitability, do check out each agent monthly selling report.

Do check number of calls attend, total talk time, sales by his other team members and selling target.

Response time

Accessibility really matters for your customers! either you have most efficient call center agents and other facilities at your end, yet your response time is slow, customer might turn away! This factor might help you in improving your call center further!

Improvement tips

You may need to increase number of call center agents.

Outsourcing your call center for better technology and best agents.

Check out missed calls in the last month!

Factors why the response time is not as fast as required?

Right agent availability

Among other call center metrics, this is a tricky one to analyze. This is because with lot of automatic tunes and answering machines, some customers might turn away without reaching to the right agent. To reduce it, you may need to consider percentage of customers facing it!

Improvement tips

Make your answer machine telling less & agents telling more!

Customers love to ask their query from the person, not from the automatic machine.

Lower down the call passing tail.

If not improved, it may result in unsatisfied customers & lost sales opportunities!

If you are seeking way to improve your call center performance, it is possible with customer’s satisfaction and your agents efficiency! A great way to give it a boost, is starting with tracking these call center metrics!


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