5 Secret Tips Of Successful Call Center Telemarketing

Posted By: admin | 12-Oct-2017 | call center

Telemarketing isn’t as simple as it looks. Competition is getting tough, and call center telemarketing requires unique ways. Chatting on the telephone to somebody you don’t know and attempting to persuade them to purchase an item, utilize a service is not easy task. Commonly, telemarketers come up short since they are not doing the activity properly.

Contact centers are becoming aware of the importance of updated scripts. Therefore, call center leaders are making drastic changes in them. Going through various testing efforts, time is properly allocated for training call center agents as well. Either it’s a inbound call center or outbound contact center. “Call center personnel are expected to do much more than simply answer phones”.


Have you ever tried to check the motivation of your telemarketers? Or how often you motivate your employees? Generally, the more motivated your agents are, more satisfied your clients are! There are many ways of ensuring this, including checking the motivation level at the time of hiring.

You are able to check this in the training classes as well. agents which are just doing the job, however they are not active and passionate, result in getting more negative feedback. Try to motivate your call center agents towards their job, as it is for their benefit as well as yours!


How do you really determine which of the agent is actually smarter? Call center marketing success can be achieved further with training your agents in introduction part! Speaking is a skill and it is not possessed by everyone, however it can be improved by anyone. You must give importance to introduction part of the call, as call initiation actually decided your customer reaction.

Facing call drops frequently, give this duty to some of the best agent, and it will be reduce down. Improve introduction part of the call by telling your agent the right way to introduce them and your company, of course. Give emphasis on the introduction part in the script as well! it will definitely reduce down cold calls!

Product Or Service Knowledge

In order to successfully, deliver the message your agents must be aware of the product and service knowledge fully. Its not all about adding the product knowledge in the script, as they may come across by different types of customers, asking for detailed specifications of the product, they are not aware of. If your call center agents have basic and detailed knowledge, they are more confident over the call.

Improving the product or service knowledge can be done in training class. You may weekly test your agents and make a quiz about your products & services! Do add product details along the script, so that you may not lose a customer! Improve down this, and it increases the chances of getting more sales!


In, outbound call centers most of the time agents come across by customers who always say no. they don’t even listen to the introduction part, they just hang-off the phone. However, if someone is not gone after the introduction part, your agents can further satisfy them by telling them that it is actually a reference call!

Winning the confidence of your customers is easier, if they have already purchased a product or taken a service from your company. if you are making a call to new client, you simply tell them, “as we have this price winning promotion, you may get benefit from it”. for the reference call, you may satisfy them with, “sir as you are already been our client, we are concerned in providing you the more discount”.

Call Format

Call center telemarketing requires expert knowledge these days and it is same for call format as well. Your call center agents should be properly aware of the call format before actually getting over the call. There is always a introduction, body and closing part, and the flow between them must be balanced!

If any of your agent are making introduction properly and have client on the line after the introduction, is he able to tell them more or are they able to engage the customer over the phone easily? Train your agents in such a manner, that they are able to play their role in each of the phase successfully!

Telemarketing is an art and necessitates careful concentration. Whether you are training your call center agents for the inbound call center or outbound call center, they are actually representing your company. the way they handle your customers is not dependent on their existing skills, you are definitely able to improve them for better! Remember you can give tough competition to your competitors, if your agents are handling the calls efficiently.


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