4 Most Common Call Center Benchmarks- You Should Improve

Posted By: admin | 10-Jan-2018 | call center

“Call center benchmarking is essential for determining whether or not a team is performing optimally, keeping up with their competition and compliant with best practices. As such, benchmarking is critical to the success of the call center.” (According to a blog, “call center performance benchmarking” published on Talkdesk.com)

With proper call center benchmarking, you are actually able to point out your real competitors and the areas which need to be improved on the critical basis. For call center managers this is even more important as they can understand why their competitors call centers excel in the specific area! They are able to compare their team agent’s performance with other call centers through this technique.

Boost your call center performance with excelling in these most common call center benchmarks. Here are they:

Check Your Service Level

“Success at works starts by adopting a positive attitude”.

Call answering in the right timeframe is given vital importance for the success of call center! Smart call center managers are actually focusing on improving call service to gain better customer satisfaction level! Moreover, this call center benchmark can be measured from both, “competitive benchmarking technique” or from “process benchmarking technique”.

How To Check And Improve Service Level?

Compare the call answering time in your center with the global metric!

You are able to train your call center agents in the way, that they are able to handle high call volume on the holidays or on the events!

Check the call answering timeframe in your call center and check if the calls are actually answered in 20 seconds or more?

Smart call center managers are actually focused to improve this metric over others, as you might lose a customer if a call is not answered on time.

What Is Average Speed To Answer In Your Call Center?

According to Bill Gates, “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning “.

As a team manager, once you have decided average speed to answer your next call center benchmark to measure and improve, you need to actually measure the time, your customers are waiting over the phone and they are actually transferred to the agent! Of course, this is different from the first one! This is important, as your customers might drop a call it takes too long for them to wait.

How To Measure And Improve Average Speed To Answer?

According to a fact, you are only able to improve if you are actually able to measure.

Use your call center internal calls data to measure this benchmark!

Check if the waiting time is less than the 28 seconds or more! This is a globally defined timeframe for this benchmark!

Improve your call center performance by increasing the number of call center agents!

Your managers may teach them the skill of handling customers efficiently and quickly!

Call Duration For Your Call Center

It is time to monitor call duration for your call center and implement action plans to actually improve it! it is most commonly measured globally using the process benchmarking technique, however, you can use a competitive benchmarking technique as well! Generally, it is believed, the longer the customer is engaged over the phone call, there is more room for getting a sale from him!

How To Measure And Improve Call Duration?

If using “competitive benchmarking technique” try to make a comparison with call center or competitor of your kind.

This means if you are providing helpline call center services; compare your services with other helpline call center, not the product based call center!

Train your call center agents and teach them the way of building the emotional connection with the customer over the phone!

You may need to make changing’s in your script as well!

First-Call Resolution

If you are able to resolve the calls on the first attempt, you are actually reducing the burden on your servers and your call center agents as well. Moreover, the clients actually feel more satisfied and this saves downtime as well! With no call transfers, other call center benchmarks get improved automatically!

How To Measure And Improve First Call Resolution?

Train your call center agents and try to ensure they have full knowledge of the product or service!

The global benchmark for this is about 75%.

Tell your call center agents about your objectives.

Regardless of the fact which industry or region you are working in, you are able to improve the performance of your call center by outlining the right call center benchmarks and taking measures to improve them actually!


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