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New Sphere Cloud Call Center Software

Nourishment to Your All Types of Call Center Business


Customers expect quick and intelligent response from business, and want to connect with agent who is to fix their problem and provide high level of.....

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In the world, we all demand for optimal productivity, effective connectivity, where agents always pitch the right one to.....

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The symbol of attraction is to do multi-task or someone who is able to perform double responsibility with productivity. But, in.....

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Why Choose Coztel? Call Center Software

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Hook the skies of success

To be the professional in the market you need professional services to run your business. For this purpose our professional services can lead your business confidently at the high level of market. Get high level of confidence of your customer through cheap and reliable services of CozTel. It makes you comfortable and familiar in market to touch the sky of success.

Our Valuable Clients Feeling blessed! Having connection with CozTel call center software
and embellish my business.


Rom BarnesChairman & Founder, dotCom

I was in the search of a call center software which have all the dialers on one click and also give efficient productivity. Then I listen about CozTel cloud base call center software and I decide to check it out. I got perfect results and stick to it. Now I am happy to see my business growing day by day because of CozTel.

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Lise Emilie FritzboegerChairman & Founder, J-Cubee

A magic I found for my call center business is in the form of CozTel call center software. I was worried about my business because it was going in lose just in the reason of dissatisfaction of clients. Then I realize that the problem is in the dialer, I changed it to CozTel and now I am happy by looking my business towards the peak of market.

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Posted By admin | 14-Sep-2018

Fundamentals To Know About Digital Transformation Call Center: Pros & Cons

Every day we pick our smart phones, to make instant contact with the person we need or desire to with! Or either we are using social media channels, communication is now very rapid. Speaking about this, this all is possible with digital transformation call center.  Advanced change is something beyond expected. To be precise, it’s […]

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Posted By admin | 14-Sep-2018

The Most Over-Looked Ways to Build Customer Trust

Customer loyalty can define as the predisposition. Build customer trust to sell your goods or services over comparable. If this is available in the marketplace. When products rather than the services or border classification or include both. This is also referred to as brand loyalty. Spend time and energy in promoting customer trust. It should […]

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What Is an Automatic Call Distributor and Its Advantages in Contact Centers
Posted By admin | 13-Sep-2018

What Is an Automatic Call Distributor and Its Advantages in Contact Centers

An automatic call distributor is telephone service that manages incoming calls. It is based on the numbers that called an associated database of handling commands. Several companies are providing service support with using ACDs to the valid caller. It also makes sure outgoing response or calls, forward call to exact party. It also allows the […]

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